Domain Transfers From Fasthosts, Quickhosts, Namecheap, GoDaddy to NameSilo

As of on 26/03/2015, I successfully transfer all my 6 domains from Fasthosts ( and, QuickhostsUK ( and, Namecheap ( and Godaddy ( to Namesilo. Advantages of Namesilo 1. Free Whois Guard Privacy for free for ever! 2. Cheap domain renew fees compared to the competitors. 3. Handy Domain Management Panel 4. All Continue Reading »

How to Print ASCII code from Character on Windows Batch Script?

In previous post, we talk about the method to obtain a character from its ASCII code. In this post, we want the opposite, e.g. to get the ASCII code for given character. For example, ord(A) = 65, ord(0) = 48. Likewise, the character set supported are from ASCII 32 to 126 however, there are some Continue Reading »