How to Put Signature on PDF Document/File ?

How to Put Signature on PDF Document/File ?

Sometimes you need to fill in a form in PDF with signature. Of course, you can print the form out, fill them with pen and scan them into images. However, the Foxit PDF reader allows you to add texts (so you can fill the form digitally) and even put signature on the form. Step 1, Continue Reading »

C# Custom Logger Sample for MSBuild

The msbuild.exe is the core of the Visual Studio compiler. It has a switch option /verbosity which can be one of the values: q[uiet], m[inimal], n[ormal], d[etailed], and diag[nostic]. There is no such option if you just want to know how many compiler warnings and errors without listing the other messages. To do this, you Continue Reading »


How to Count The Number of General Exceptions (C#) using PowerShell to Adapter in Jenkins Build Server?

The general exceptions are bad. They are existent just to suppress runtime errors, which I believe that it is just delaying and may cause bigger errors. try {   } catch (Exception) {   // this is bad exception handling, which just hides errors. } try { } catch (Exception) { // this is bad Continue Reading »