Crontab-Generator, Secure, Fast, Handy Tool to Generate the Crontab Lines

If you are tired of the crontab syntax, then this tool is made to save you a headache. The time configuration for the crontab scheduler is specified in 5 multiple-selector (dropdown box). You can ctrl-click to select multiple entries. The fields required are: minute, hour, day, month, weekday, command, output (email, file or silence). Continue Reading »

Linux Tools: ddate and cat/proc/*

Two new APIs are added: they are ddate and cat-proc. cat-proc cat-proc is actually not a linux commnad. It is short for cat /proc/* where * is the filename under folder /proc。 There are many information-related files you can output the contents. For example, uptime, cpuinfo, meminfo, filesystems etc. So you can output the file Continue Reading »

WordPress Child Theme – The Only Things You Need to Know

If you have changes to the wordpress themes and you are tired of making repeated changes everytime when the theme itself is upgraded, then the child-theme is there for you. 1. The wordpress child theme can by named anything but it is generally named by adding -child after the main theme e.g. twenty-twelve-child. 2. The Continue Reading »