C# Code to Convert .NET solution file to NDepend Project file on The Continuous Integration Server

NDepend is a .NET static code analyzer. With this tool, developers can easily see the report of ‘bad’-written code and make the .NET code base beautiful and efficient. The NDepend also provides a console application so you can easily launch the analysis on the command line, which is easier to integrate into the Continuous Integration Continue Reading »

Four Useful Cell Functions/Values in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet that you can put values, strings, and even formulas in each cells. The following are four useful/important functions regarding to cells in Excel. Row Function The Row() simply returns the row-number, starting with 1. For example, if you put “=Row()” (without quotes) at cell A1, it returns 1. Column Continue Reading »

How to Disable Content Output in RSS Feed for WordPress?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an old technique. It has of course the advantages: getting all information in once place, which is convenient. However, it is not so search-engine-user-friendly. Other users can retrieve RSS feed and re-populate automatically to their own websites. Search engines may even rank their ‘copied’ contents higher. This is discouraging for Continue Reading »